Bespoke Price Guide

Choosing a bespoke design for your wedding stationery may not be as expensive as you may think.

As a guideline I charge a base price of around £70 for 50 invitations. For a bespoke design, which could include your choice of hand painted flowers or any illustrations which you feel reflect you, I would charge by the hour at £20 per hour. It takes approximately 2/3 hours to complete a design depending on the complexity but I can give you an estimate of this on our first contact. 

So as a guide, for 50 bespoke invitations (invition, either single sided or double sided and envelope) you would be looking at a cost of £120. If you then wanted to order any additional stationery, an RSVP or a table plan, I would then only charge the same price as it would be for a standard print from my pre-made wedding collection

If you would like the design exclusively there would be a one off charge of £100. However if you are happy for me to add the design to my collection then there will be no extra charge. 

This guideline is based on standard premium card stock, including textured and coloured card. The prices would be different for any special card stocks or special finishes like foiling or embossing. 

Please contact me for any further information and I will be happy to discuss your budget and answer any questions you may have