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I know right... Chocolate Fountains are so... 8 million years ago. When it comes to trends we now have a whole heap of resources, from the top hits on your Instagram feed to the most popular images on Pinterest. There are a wealth of hit blogs and magazines that will list all of the top trends for the year you are getting married. It's so very easy to get caught up in inspiring ideas and "must haves" for your big day that you can lose track of what is important to you. Even the DIY trend—which is just that, a trend—can leave you reaching for the glue gun when you aren’t even sure exactly what to do with it.

The problem with trends is that everyone ends up wanting the same thing. I'm not saying don’t be inspired by what bloggers and magazines are hailing as the next "must have" at your wedding, but maybe work out how you can filter these down into your wedding in your own style. The other problem with trends is that they soon fall out of favour.

You may want a doughnut wall, or twinkly lights, or a flower crown - all things that one magazine tells you to avoid in 2018.  Just as you wouldn't let your mum, nan, brother or uncle tell you what to have at your wedding why would you let a magazine article dictate how you have your big day. Don't get in a panic if the doughnut wall that you've just booked is now the wedding style faux par equivalent of a chocolate fountain. If you fell in love with the idea, keep it!

I was very indecisive when it came to the inspiration for my own wedding and found all the great blogs and Pinterest to be key in inspiring the little extra touches. Keeping up with trends is part of my job and they do play a part when Im looking for inspiration, but let your wedding day be a day to reflect you, a unique day and something memorable, not what fashion is dictating.

Attempting to replicate a Pinterest worthy wedding, which has most likely been styled by professionals, will put a massive strain on your wedding planning and probably your budget. The shots that make their way onto Pinterest and are featured on popular blogs are meant to inspire, not to be replicated shot for shot, item by item and your wedding should be all about you as a couple and your life together. 

There is a reason why the term bespoke has gained more popularity in the wedding industry in the last few years. Bespoke isn't just about having something desirable and luxurious that no-one else has. It's about creating something unique and special to you. And you will find that by choosing a custom service you aren't always paying the premium that you once used to. I try to keep my tailor made prices as affordable as possible and I know many other suppliers who have the ethos of affordable and bespoke designs.

So forget about trends and have fun. If you desperately want a chocolate fountain at your wedding or you want to rock up in black, then do it! Have the fun, unique and personal wedding that really represents who you both are and what you really want.

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